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Preventive Tips To Keep Away From Bed Bug Infestation

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Bed bugs are major issue that every household need to tackle when they detect it. Certain preventive steps can be adapted to prevent buggers from invading your house. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof plan to get rid of them completely.

Bed bugs are so tiny that they can hide in narrowest of cracks and crevices. They don’t just thrive in your bed or mattress but find harborage in places has a suitable environment for them to prosper. So what is the solution contre les punaises [solution against bed bugs]?

Costly bed bug control treatments can be averted by following some preventive tips given below.

Tips to prevent bed bug infestation

  1. Cover power outlets
  2. Store clothes in vacuum-sealed bags
  3. Not a DIY task but needs a professional exterminator
  4. Be familiar with tell-tale signs and symptoms
  5. Vacuum the floor thoroughly
  6. Never overlook your pets bedding
  7. Decrease the clutter to reduce the bed bugs hiding spots
  8. Cover the mattress with pre-treated encasement
  9. Use bed bug monitors
  10. Check the furniture
  11. Thoroughly clean and heat second-hand items you bought
  12. Never use unsourced coverings
  13. Seal every cracks and hole
  14. Be cautious about bed bugs in the public places
  15. Inspect hotel room and your luggage
  16. Monitor your stuff in a shared laundry room
  17. Don’t make mistakes in identifying the kind of pest
  18. Wash and heat dry bedspreads, sheets, and blankets regularly.
  19. The bed must never touch the wall on any side because it makes easy for bed bugs to climb on.

Prevention of bed bugs starts with knowledge and understanding of how to identify the spots and eradicate the breeding conditions. Bed bugs are not limited to furniture and bedrooms they can breed and infest anywhere inside your home. The bedroom is a common location but even the other rooms need to be monitored.

Bed bug pest control is a time-consuming and costly process because if they don’t get totally eliminated the first time, then the possibility of getting re-infested increases.

If you feel there is bed bug infestation in the mattress, then…….

First, handle the mattress, where the bed bugs are living currently. Never move the blankets, pillows or stuffed animals to another room before running a dryer across them at hottest setting for half an hour. Buggers cannot handle high temperature like 118°F.

The stuff stored under the bed must also be removed because it is a great place for bed bugs to survive. Wash the stuff and dry it using the hottest setting and put them in tightly sealed storage bins.

Never assume that if you expose it to the sun the task gets done. Heat stuff properly!

Be alert and take action as soon as you see tell-tale signs!

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