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Five Things you Should Not Do when Consuming Cannabis Edibles

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Cannabis edibles are food products infused with marijuana in them. Although they are controversial products, they are popular among people who experience certain medical conditions such as chronic pain. However, just because they are edible does not mean you can eat a friend’s gummy. Before consuming edibles, you must know the content or percentage. Also, there are mistakes you should not make to avoid side effects.

They include the following:

Starting at a Large Dose

In general, a 10 mg dose is a serving for an adult; however, if you are new to cannabis, think about starting a lower dose such as 5 mg. People vary in metabolism and their body process edibles differently. Thus, you should not base your experience on other people’s. Starting with a bigger dose can cause you to experience side effects.

Not Timing your Journey Right

In terms of getting stoned, you need to be prepared. Edibles can last longer than other forms of cannabis so ensure you are timing your journey right. Certainly, you don’t want to feel the effects of cannabis while driving or working. Also, you don’t want to consume edibles at a family event. Ensure to consume it in a safe place.

Not Trying Different Cannabis Products

There are many kinds of edibles you can try, from cookies and brownies to candies and gummies. If you prefer to cook your own cannabis products, you can find recipes such as cannabis-flavored mayonnaise, vegan chicken wings, and others. But, if you are not a cook, buy cannabis-enhanced dried chocolate bars, potato chips, and dried fruits. Trying out different edibles can help you get your desired results in the most satisfying way.

Not Considering your Preferences

If you don’t like anything too sweet, you don’t have to stick to super-sweet cannabis treats. This is also a must if you have dietary restrictions or if you want to stick to a balanced diet. Just like when you smoke marijuana, you should not eat edibles if you are suffering from certain conditions or disorders that could interact with the substance. You don’t have to jeopardize your health for the fun you can get from certain edibles. There are other ways to have fun.

Stressing Out

In case you are feeling too high, do not stress about it. Just consume water, take a rest, and try again another time. There are things you cannot control and stressing yourself about it will only make things worse.

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